Why Vision Bottle?

Many of us have done the exciting task of creating a vision board. Printing out pictures, buying a frame, and displaying our personalized board filled with our innermost goals and aspirations privately in our bedrooms or offices. How many times a week do you really sit to think and plan out the vision for your life? Everyday, Twice a week, once a month?
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Did you know that visually sharing your goals consistently and broadly is proven to increase the chances of you achieving them?
Vision Bottle is about empowering YOU with the confidence to share and build upon YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, and YOUR passions consistently throughout the day. Vision Bottle comes with a variety of stickers that allow you to manifest the life you want visually + keeping you hydrated throughout the day.
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Why a water bottle? Take a moment to think about how many sips of water you take in a day. If you were reminded of your goals every time you took a sip, do you believe that would motivate you to do something differently each day to work towards that goal?
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Stay Motivated. Never Thirsty.
Vision Bottle